I owned one of the many ALS Ice Bucket gears that released about a year ago. In 2015, Roblox updated the animation to make it better, so I decided to play a game that allowed the gear to test it out.

I splashed unlimited buckets on people nearby driving cars; their Robloxians became frozen and unable to control their vehicles. The fun turned into a nightmare. The scoreboard now only contained 5 people, including me, but I saw that tons of cars crashed with several Robloxians than listed. Some had crashed into lamps, houses, buildings, and other cars, all with their heads on the steering wheel. Then, red chat balloons popped above each user, saying, "It's your turn."

Their cars started moving toward me. I'm tried to escape with a motorbike, but a firetruck crashed into me, causing me to fly studs away. Then my screen turned black. After seconds, my screen turned back to normal. The people who were once in the cars were now removing themselves from their seats. Their skin was a pale blue, and their faces were stuck frozen.

Grabbing a hold of my Robloxian, they began to chop off my limbs, starting from my head down to my legs. They placed my amputations in an emptied ice bucket, which began to fill with blood. I decided to get out of that game.

Now settled down, I played one of my favorite games to balance my mood, Greenwood Town. Once I spawned in game, some users began to pause in my presence as I walked my way to the VIP area while Mafia users and several VIP aimed their guns at me. Their current leader came up to me, and typed, "Why do you have such a shocked face and a bucket full of bloody arms?" Before I could question him, I realized I had the gory ice bucket. Unconsciously, I clicked my mouse, pouring a bloody shower on the user. I was shot on the spot.