-BEFORE WE BEGIN, yes, this is fiction, 100%. I am making this up because I'm bored, so, yeah. LET'S GET ROOOOIGHT INTO THE PASTA!-

Day 1, 19/08/16

I was opening ROBLOX to purge my friends list when I see an unfamiliar game in my recent played list.

I, being the curious idiot I am, clicked it, and played it.

If I could remember the name I'd put it on here, but I can't.

It was something about pain...

Anyway, I had joined and it spawned me into a blank baseplate. Naturally, I checked the edges for hidden underground tunnels, when suddenly, my screen turned black. I tried to look up and saw a white square getting smaller and smaller, so I had realized I was falling.

I landed shortly afterwards, in a pitch black room.

My PC had a meltdown shortly afterwards, so I'll report back when I get the chance.


Day 2, 20/08/16

I was repairing my computer when I remembered about my dad's PC, so I asked if I could use it for a bit and he was alright with it.

I logged into my ROBLOX and continued to purge my friends list, as well as denying 15 friend requests from new players, when I noticed something odd on my profile.

One of my badges were missing.

It was the OBC badge, of which I should still have as I am still OBC.

But, when I checked my home page, my OBC was gone too, and my ROBUX with it.

I've since found similar people having this problem on the forums, so, again, I'll report back when I get the chance.


Day 5, 23/08/16

I've recently been seeing things, in the shadows, outside, in other games, it's creeping me out. I keep hearing things too.

I've gone to the doctor, but he only mocked me. I can't tell what's going on.

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