TheOldShack is a recent user that a black square like shape. There is nothing unusual about the user at first glance and the users activity seems to be almost nil.

But on closer glance at the users place it becomes apparent that something isn't right. On entering the place there will be a loud baby crying. (The sound itself has been used in many games before)

Everything is in black and white, and people claim that the user is color blind. If [x] amount of time is spent at this place the man standing outside of the window, will break in, and the screaming of the baby will get louder. On waiting another [x] amount of time the man will break in some more, once this has happened the motion of the man stops and does not move. Everything then will go black, even the room, and the room goes silent. Nobody knows what the game actually means. Some say the user is a kidnapper and the game is about one of his crimes, while others claim that there is a deeper meaning behind the game, and the game itself has a darker story.

On joining the game the game I noticed that something was out of place, something wasn't right, and that nobody would make something like it for no reason. Maybe for attention, an example of ability, but the place wasn't advertised, it was found, meaning that it might have never been meant to see. No description, and no response from the user.

This place has been investigated during a series of place visits of strange games that people have claimed to come across.


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