One day I was playing ROBLOX. I was bored, and decided to go and play a naval game. At the front of the page was a game called "Satan's Calling". As curious as I am, I played it. There were around 44 players in the server, suggesting this was a 50 player server. It was a long path, and I could barely see a black house and a out of proportion dark figure. I walked for 20 minutes. When I arrived, the door was made of black wood, and the figure was looking straight at me. I was freaked out, but moved on. In the house, it seemed normal. There was a spiral staircase, some paintings such as the Mona Lisa and The Scream, and a fountain. I went up the stairs, and the rooms were all normal, but there was a door that said "KEEP OUT". I found a space to squeeze through the door, and in the room.... well.. um... it was not pleasant. There was blood, a Mona Lisa skeleton picture, corpses, and satanic symols. I left, and the whole house looked like the room. In place of The Scream there was a satanic symbol. Blood was everywhere. I noticed my friend in the hall. He told me about a man named William Baker, who had been released from a mental hospital, and created this game. I visited the creator, TheDarkLord's profile page, and all he had in his description was "666" repeated 666 times. He had a black character, with a T-shirt that said "666". He was in a small group, with no name, with the group description being "Satan's Dream". Some names of the users in the group ( who are all banned) were "Iam666","HereToCauseHavoc" and "Dream". My computer was insane for a while, but CCleaner could do the job. If you see this pop up in a front page, DO NOT PLAY IT.

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