6/6 2016 A Player on roblox was playing Happy Home, The Player Explored and built lots of buildings, At 3:00 Things started to get weird, A player Named HailHitler666 Joined, His player name scared this player, The player ran, the User who joined teleported infront of the player, the Weird user said in chat "JoIn M3" The player agreed to join this User, His place was named Real Hell, The player joined with the user, he sees the place, the baseplate was red with dead bodies all over it, The user followed the player for over an hour, the player then tried to leave, the User Stood facing him saying "You Had Joined, 666 YOu cant" The player then tried to shut off his pc, It had not worked, then the player called the police, the police tried to see where this user was, the address said 666, Hell 666 Devil Ave.

The Officers were dumbfounded, they called the FBI To find the real Address, they soon found that this account had no human behind it, once they did, the user said "L3T uS play" And the pc's 5vcdvscreen cracked, and a bloodied body crawls through the Screen, the figure killed all the people in the house, it then crawled back through the screen, Then the pc explodes, And From that day Foward, this account has been haunted by a demon.

This Murder Actually happened, Heres the account

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