Haunted Piano 

I Am Going To Tell You My Experience With A Girl Called Haunted Piano Once Me And My Friend Nathan Were Bored And Looking At Accounts Then I Wanted To search Something Scary Cuz I Was Watching Laurenzside Creepypasta Land And She Was Doing the haunted Piano Part When I searched Haunted piano And She Was A White and Black Girl With a Women Body I was An Idiot To Search That Up Because The Next Day I Got A Friend Request From Her I Did Not Accept Because I Was On The Max Friends Limit My Account Was Littlecarlygr Then The Next Day I had 201 Friends And One Of them Was Her I Was Creeped Out I Chatted With Her And She Said The Piano Plays Alone Witch Then She Said That Means It's A Secret Here Was Our Conversation

Me:How Are You My Friend

Her:The Piano Plays Alone (It's A Secret)

Then All of A Sudden My Computer Shuts Down The Next Day I Had Logged On I lost Some Of my friends and Haunted Piano Was not One Of My Friends Anymore But I Looked Like Her And My Friend Did To He Said Did You Do This As I Knew His Password I Said No But He Did Not Believe Me The Next Day I Could Not Log onto My Account Because It Said Littlecarlygr Did Not exist you can Still see her account But She Doesn't Do Anything Now (Thank God) I Felt Like Some Crap Sense I Looked At That Account But my Game Is Really Laggy Now Even Though I have a new account And Then The Next Day I heard A knock on my door and No one Was Outside Then Some of My things At my house Were Gone And That Was My Story (Jmed123) Also Her Roblox Name Is Haunted_Pianohehe

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I was Playing Breaking Point then someone joined named FancyMatthewchen

Then he was talking about bots taking over his account, at first I thought it was a joke so I typed his name in, his name was censored so I typed it again but without the last letter, His/Her profile came up, I clicked on it, he said look at his followers so I did, it was FULL of bots, I clicked on a bot named DontClickMe2017e45 or something like that, the day after, The bot friend requested me, I looked again on the bots profile page and it Free robux giveaway or something, so I declined the friend request .

It looked like either ROBLOX or Bots took over the account, but I think its ROBLOX who took over because his about has a link to the Roblox blog and Roblox help plus its looks too professional and bots would write something like"FreeRobuxGiveaway!!!!!! Free robux go to this link -->"

But....... His bio is "John Doe coure  Doing A robux give away for my follower.t" in weird text.

TeslaYouTube (talk) 10:42, June 3, 2017 (UTC)TeslaYT

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