I was a big fan of TNT Rush, until, this happened...

I was playing TNT rush when my server shut down. I refreshed the server list to find an almost empty server. There were servers, but they were all empty, as if the people vanished... I thought this was because of an update just then, so I looked at the update date. It was 123412/ 134/ 88623. None of my friends were online. So I didn't have anyone to play with, for playing by myself was kind of boring. I decided to play some Natural Disaster Survival. The servers were down. I looked at all the games. Mad murderer, Mad Games, Catalog Heaven, TNT rush, Natural Disaster Survival, Survive The Disasters: Classic, all of it, down.

Builderman was online, playing something. I really just wanted to play with someone, so I clicked the "Join Game" Button. Builderman was playing a dark and eerie game, I didn't know what it was called, but Builderman suddenly told in the chat box; "You shouldn't have come..." I wondered why he said this. "Why shouldn't I have come?" I asked in response. He typed, "H iS CMng.>.," In really bad grammar. "RuN." Was his last word before the game shut down.

I decided to play TNT Rush, and start a new server. TNT Rush was called TNT Death. I decided to play anyways. TNT Death was a dark, Fuzzy screened version of TNT Rush. It had one person in the server; the creator of the game; aceateer. "Get, out, of, ROBLOX..." I left, and never came back.

I still don't play to this day, and if ROBLOX is the same, I'm DEFINITELY not gonna play.

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