Ok. I'm sure that most of you known about Roblox's updates. Some of them are OK, while others were probably not the best. (Friend update, New Roblox look, Etc) But I am pretty sure that you guys are familiar with the new update: The Removal of Tix.

Like many of you guys, I am disappointed in this update, too. Tix were pretty much all I had, and I only have about 102 robux. This stinks because pretty much everything in the catalog is all robux robux robux. However, there was a day that made me think differently about TIX. A day that made me feel disappointed in ROBLOX for what they've done.

The Story

Well, Tix are almost ready to kiss us goodbye. All I have is 102 robux left, and the rare free items you can get (that aren't all so good.). Roblox was selling a bunch of stuff on the catalog related to tix, presumably as a small goodbye gift to them, but they were all so expensive. I searched around the workshop to see if I can find a tix item that was either free or less expensive. I only got one result.

I found a small Bow Tie made of Tix that was simply titled, "Tix." The description of the item was just...weird... Here's what it said:

"Listen up, ROBLOX. If you delete tix, I will find you. You hired me to make TIX, and you promised that you would never remove them. You lied to me. You just care about ROBUX and Builders Club, Well I've had it. I am done with you. You can keep your shitty ROBUX And BC, but do NOT remove TIX. If you do, I will do ANYTHING to make you guys regret it. I will burn down your HQ, I will murder you, I will do ANYTHING it takes to get rid of you and everyone else. I don't care how this will make a change to roblox, or what it will do to make it "better." This will be your one and ONLY warning I'll give you."

Now, I don't know about you guys, but that felt a bit...harsh...The creator of the item is a user with the classic noob look by the name of "Tix33." I don't know who he is, nor do I think he even created tix, but I assumed he was just a troll, so I reported him.

I looked at the comments to see if they noticed what the description said and if they thought the same as me. They were just normal comments. Comments sad about tix being removed. normal comments, spam, advertising, ETC. However, there was ONE comment. The comment was by Shedletsky himself. Here's what he said:

"Stop it, Tix33. Just STOP. You know what you did wrong. You remember what you did to us. Do you know how much PAIN we were in that day? We're removing the last thing that was left from you. The reminder of what you did. End this stupid behvior, or else I WILL get the cops involved."

No one payed attention to him. Not even Tix33 himself. They just acted like he was a normal spammer and ignored him. The item itself was pretty cool, however. So I bought it for the hell of it.

Wearing my new TIX Bow tie, I wanted to play a few games to make me forget about this whole thing, so I decided to play my favorite game of all time: Create your own Security Base.

When I entered, I noticed that there were a whole load of people that were in the game. There were, as much as I remember, 20 people. This is weird since the game only supported atleast 8 players. I thought this was just a simple glitch, so I continued playing. But then I noticed something...odd...Despite there being a lot of people in the server, I could only see 3 other players: A noobie wearing the defalt roblox uniform, a guest, and a robloxian with the classic noob outfit. Only one of the three was active, this being the guest. All the guest did was walk around the area and stop at times. Because they looked like they were noobies, I just left them be and ignored them. Since no one was there to fight me, I decided that this would be a good time to work on my security base. I started building. After a few minutes of building, I decided to take a break, and log off the game to watch tv. I saved my progress, and left the game to watch some tv.

When I got back, I went back on the Create your own Security Base. I noticed that I was in the exact same server as last time, with the same 3 robloxians being the only ones I see. I just ignored it, and loaded up my base. I noticed something, however. When I went into the kitchen of my base, I saw a sign on the wall saying, "Take it off." I don't recall putting that sign on the wall, nor do I know why it was there, and what it meant. I couldnt remove it, nor edit it, so I just left it there.

As I was continuing building, I heard something in the distance. It sounded like a long, dull and lifeless a 440 hz noise. When I went over to look for it, the a440 hz started to get louder and louder, to the point where it started to hurt my ears. I lowered my speakers, and continued on.

As I got closer to the source of the sound, the sound was on its loudest. I noticed that the sound was not coming from a radio, but it was coming from the defalt looked robloxian. When I touched him, the screen lagged for a few seconds, and the sound stopped.

The whole screen turned to black for a second, and then the robloxian popped up on screen. I started to hear the sound of flies in the distance, and as the screen stayed, the sounds got louder and louder. After a minute, I saw a swarm of moths flying on top of the robloxian. They started to swarm in his face, and I heard some muffled screams. I started to see a bit of blood dripping from the poor robloxian's face, and after what seemed like a minute of seeing that guy suffer, the moths flew away, leaving an unsettleing image of the robloxian with his face replaced with nothing but an eyeless red skull with yellow teeth, and some blood dripping. He falls dead on his legs, and then his body. He appears dead on the floor without anything else happening for the next 2 minutes. Then, something shows up. It's a text saying, "3 left. You only have 10 minutes until someone else suffers. Take it off."

The screen goes back to the game, leaving the poor robloxian's corpse from that..thing..still dead on the floor. Most of the players in the game were gone, leaving only me, the guest, and the noob. I was paralyzed of what I just saw, but I still had the courage to keep playing.

As time flies, I make my base bigger and bigger. Eventually, I got a bit tired, and left the game to go to another I felt like playing: Survive the Disasters. When I joined the game, I noticed that the same 2 players were the only ones with me again. I was a bit confused first, but forgot about it eventually. As disasters kept going, I noticed that the screen was ever so slightly getting darker. After a couple of minutes, a timer that counted down from 100 to 1 started to activate. The disasters stopped playing, and the map stopped changing, whilst the music was still playing. I just started walking around, exploring the map. When the timer reached to 1, the music stopped. Everything was completely silent, expect for my jumping, and walking sounds. when I got behind the house, I felt like my heart skipped a beat. It was the corpse of the robloxian from earlier.

This was so far the creepiest thing I've seen so far. After a while of looking at the corpse in shock for what felt like a minute, the guest walked up to me, shocking me a bit, too. When I walked up to it, the screen became black again.

After what seemed like 2 minutes of a black screen, the guest popped up it scared me for a bit 2 minutes passed and the guest corpse was on the floor.

At this point i was scared straight and then Tix33's face popped up on the screen and had the old roblox chat bubble saying "T A K E I T O F F N O W" and so i remembered about the tie i bought.

I went to the catalog and took it off i got a message from Tix33 saying "I will be back."

Creepypasta is still a WIP. Please feel free to rate this all you'd like! But remember to not make it your final rating as I may change a few things. Hope you like it so far! Also, please escuse some of the typos. I was a bit rushed making this. Don't worry. I'll fix them when I get the chance. :p

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