Have you ever heard of the legendary developer, dued1? I'm sure you have, but what if I was to tell you he had a game that was hidden from the public. The game was called survive 0 disasters and it all started like this:

I was home from school and I decided to go play some roblox. I went to the front page of roblox where there were a lot of games that were shit like adopt and raise a kid. One game was really popular today! The game was called survive 0 disasters, so I clicked on the game. It automatically loaded me to the game and I was on a full server. The lobby was a little small and the players were all crowded together! Then the lobby shatters into smithereens like glass that had been hit with a rock and we teleported into the game.

The game started like this: there was a disaster announced and it was called "Don't jump or meet your fate!" A guest didn't even think and jumped only to die. A voice seemed to reiterate the result of jumping, but somehow sounded like it was coming from the other side of my computer. I felt like I was there in the game myself, witnessing the terror and horror the players were experiencing. The screen went red and the game closed itself as I was feeling confused. I then noticed that I got a message coming from a guest who said: "why did u leave? You killed us all! We will find you and kill you."

1 week had passed and nothing weird had happened, so I wasn't too worried. I went back on roblox only to find a group called "Placeholder" locked into my group list. I was in this odd group and I couldn't leave. "Bastard!" I said out of realization that the message in the archive wasn't lying, since the group description said that if you were in the group you were guaranteed to die a most brutal death. It continued to say, "We will watch you everywhere you go. The only way to escape our approach is to effectively survive the game titled, "Survive the 0 disasters." I went back on the dreadful vortex of a game, horrified at what had occurred. The game was now covered with textures of realistic blood. The official game started. The first disaster was honored with the demonic title, "Hide, Satan is coming!" So, I went and hid in a garbage can where I could smell the garbage from the computer speaker, which explained how true this situation was. I heard a player die with a shrieking sound effect and a screen pop up and to my dismay read, "He's in hell now. This is what happens when you can't run from Satan..."

2 months had passed. Nothing weird had happened since luckily. I thought the horror would never come back. But I was wrong. One day, I was playing when a player sent me a message. The message read“You may have gotten away. BUT IT'S NOT happening AGAIN!!?,,!” I thought I was going crazy. I looked at it again. The message was real. I clicked on the profile. His avatar look so realistic. The description on his profile read“ Welcome to hell. A place where you can never go back. Welcome to death.” All of a sudden my computer went haywire! Then I was teleported to a game. It was survive 0 disasters! In the distance I could see him. It was satan!!