My story began when I was playing some ROBLOX. Your know, some Ripull Minigames when one of the players came up to me and told me to follow him. I joined it, and I noticed... A statue. It was sitting on the side of the tree. Then, I saw a text saying "Nicholas, away". It said my real name.

The statue then got up. It ran at me, and my computer crashed. I rebooted it and the first thing to open is Skype. I had gotten an IM from my friend Joe. He said to follow me to the game.

I joined, and I followed him to the back of the baseplate, revealing a button. We stepped on it, and it teleported us to this room. There was a crystal. Joe walked to it, but the statue appeared in front of him. It ran at him. Suddenly, he left the game and his Skype went offline.

I managed to touch the crystal, and everything disappeared. Joe's body was found under his desk, curled up into a ball with both wrists slit.

So yeah, that's my redux of the famous Surrealism.

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