One day i was finding a friend to invesigate this place called


My friend and i played survive the tsunami before i played the game after the tsunami hit we both left the game

and joined .

Surrealism <---- This again?

So anyways we joined and we saw a statue there was a note and we read it (i cant remember what the note said) we found something near the statue it looked like the stone hedge in the middle of it. It was a moon we stood on it and we got teleported to a place with nature when when we walked through the 2 hallways of nature . We both died at the end but something was stalking us a angel was stalking us. After that i was too scared to play it and it was weird and creepy THE ANGEL SCARED THE BRICK OUTTA ME so yeah the was the creepypasta.

The end

or is it

SOMEBODY HELP ME AHHHH (making more stories soon)

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