Superstarman245 is my old account, but what could it be doing now? I had an eerie feeling about it.

Part 1

So, I went on my place video making grounds, to chill, but when I went in, Is saw that the morphs were gone, the sky was black, and black figures (which I never put there) was surrounding the spawn. Then My old account joined. He said to me "I want you.". When he said those words, The game shut down. I reloaded the page but what I saw was an error page, but instead of Builderman with the Mr. Chuckles face, he had soulless eyes and a creepy smile. I then heard a whisper saying "Keep this a secret." then what Made me turn around made me confused. What I saw, was a Superstarman245 Plushie with Soulless eyes and a Creepy smile. (Just like on the error page).

Part 2

I blinked when I looked at the Plushie, and when I did, it disappeared. and the error page looked normal. I thought I was hallucinating, so I went on audio to listen to audio but I found a sound on my Audio called (Which I never made). I went on studio to put it on as music, because I thought it was Adele's Hello, but when I did, when I went near the House (Which I added), I heard breathing, I Freaked out (In my mind) and Discarded changes. I went into the bedroom, and watched some videos of Undertale. But then I saw a shadow of a Roblox character, Outside the bedroom.

To be continued.

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