I was once a real jerk on ROBLOX. Constantly bullying everyone saying they lacked personality. These following things made me never wanna bully again. Here is my story:

I was a real jerk. Calling people ignorant if they complained about me, called them faggots and made fun of their sexuality on ROBLOX. I thought it was pretty fun, until I got a PM from Death. No, that is his literal username. He told me to join his game. I did so.

Immediately I was greeted with something creepy: Cases of players who I bullied hanging on trees, and hooks. He then told me: "Everyone here died because of you. How do you feel?" Sad music began to play as I looked at everyone I bullied who died horrible ways. Some slit their throats, some wrists. The music got faster. I then cried. He told me this:

"Die, you waste of stem cells and flesh"

My account was suddenly deleted.

I made a new one. To this day, I never cyberbullied anyone.

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