Please be aware that this may be extremely scary and have a lot of cliches.You have been warned. So you may have played a tycoon game.But if you haven't yet it's a game where you make money and build your base.Based on the word sucide you may know what is coming.

It all started like this It was summer break.I decided to go on Roblox and check out some of the popular game. One of those popular game was sucide tycoon. I decided to go check the game out. I enter the game and then blood splash on the screen. Two other players were on. They said"be careful on what you choose!" So I got a tycoon and began my money maker. The tycoon was really small. All you need to build was a bedroom. What suprise me was how everything you need for the money maker was $0. So I brought them all.Then my money glitches and made no money.Suddenly,a giant black figure appear outside all of the tycoon.

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