Glitches are found throughout ROBLOX. Many consider them faulty programming, bad developing, or maybe an update ruined a formerly-working script. Few know the somewhat sinister truth regarding glitches within ROBLOX. Common exploiters are, well, exploiters. Nothing special about them.

But then you dig deep within ROBLOX, into it's underbelly of code and resources, you start to notice things. 'I swear I'm missing five robux' you think to yourself, but checking the transaction history you found nothing has changed. Those lucky enough to screencap their former account balance with usually get a relatively useless response from the support team, usually going something like 'Your transaction history shows no visible changes. We can't help any further'.

Frustrated and aching, you vent your anger on the forums. No, a hacker did not hack you, and no, it wasn't a glitch within ROBLOX's code. In truth, a rogue organism lurks within the source code, slowly draining ROBLOX of it's data, resources, and even simple creations. You swear someone walked around a corner in your game just now? That wasn't a person, that was the AI. It watches us, finding the correct time to strike.

Such oddities lurk within ROBLOX. Next time a game's script fails, keep in mind who exactly did that...

and who exactly is watching you.