Back sometime in 2014, there was a website called stream.rblx. Stream.rblx was obviously  a streaming website. 4 people were active everyday LilacPetal322, Pearlshimmer579,Rosepetal602 and FlowerPower223. As you guessed, its now in the Deep Web. Why? Cuz' one day Rosepetal602 did a stream and I was watching it. Then, at one part of the stream, the screen suddently went all  black and you could hear her scream. The sound of someone getting stabbed with a knife could be heard. Then the screen came back and there was blood everywhere. Only some of us saw the dead body of Rosepetal602 before it was put on the chair. I was one. I typed in chat the following statement:  "She's dead guys. She's dead. Rose is dead.".  Rose was her real name. We waited to see the next stream. Next we watched Pearlshimmer579. Same thing happend but I said this:  "She's dead guys. She's dead. Pearl is dead.".  Pearl was her real name. This is  the chat.: Flower:CRUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D@fIdIl123:OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait I'm the murderer. >:D DIE PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!  Me:Get out D@fIdIl........-_-.           D@fIdIl:No. We were all scared of D@fIdIl. We cried about Rose and Pearl. We knew that we were not safe. One  day this strange game called "Your Blood Is Mine" popped up. This was the description: "Shrieks are nice.". I noticed the author was D@fIdIl123. I shrugged off the title and description.  When I played the game i noticed my webcam was on and I was streaming. We knew the game was over after I was the first person in the survivors along with the rest that watched the streams.  There is still footage of these 2 creepyGore  streams on Darktube. Same with ours. 


Rosepetal602 before and after death.

Creepy pasta pic

Coming soon


D@fIdIl normal and gorey.

RobloxScreenShot11102016 105856928

the roblox character, now dead

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