I was playing ROBLOX one day-recently the new gift for giftsplosion 2015 the rocking gift of partying came out so i decided to accomplish it to get it.Me and one of my sisters made a party and went on a game-however it was full but i still waited.A bit of time later someone finally left and i went in the server-if i was correct we we were playing The Mad Murder except instead of going into the game it teleported me into a different game.I wasn't sure what it was called but i do know it was a bit disturbing. The music was a bit eerie and it was nighttime in game.I looked around-it was a well built haunted manor with 2 zombies on the sides,dead tree's,and some skulls on the way up. When i went inside there was short staircase that leads up to the seconds story of the manor. I noticed that there was a bit of blood on the walls and some of the wood looked broken on the house.After walking i noticed that someone else joined the game-it was a player named Rocketguy48. Once i went upstairs i saw him and let me say he was a bit different then normal players.He had the zombie face with black all over and nothing else besides the Halloween stage prop. I started to type in the chat.Here is how it went. Me:"Hi" Rocketguy48:"Hello"


Me:"This haunted house is cool right?" Rocketguy48:"Wanna see my little secret hideout?" He then proceeded to walk backwards (by being in First person mode) into a dark room and then the door slammed shut."What a troll" i thought.This was obviously some stupid way into getting me scared.I decided to go into the dark room-i was unaware of what i would see.Once in the room i saw Rocketguy48 in front of a dark purple curtain he said "Let me introduce you to my friends" he proceeded to pull back the curtain to reveal a bunch of dead corpses lying on the floor with blood everywhere-even on the walls.The worst part was that in his hands he was holding a bloody axe .He then typed in the chat "You can be my friend to and then you can join our little gang" and he pointed at the dead corpses.I said "No thank you-anyways i think i'l take a bit of a break from playing bye!".He said "No, don't go please-ever since roblox deleted me i have been lonely-these are my only friends and no one hasn't seen me in 6 years!" he then spazzed out and said "Don't you remember me?-i was the first" I said "The first?" "I AM ADMIN I AM THE FIRST ROBLOX ACCOUNT MADE" he then quickly ran at me,touched me, and i got kicked from the game.I searched up the same game but it was closed.I then searched Rocketguy48 on the search bar in people but got no search results.To this day i still wonder why they removed admin/Rocketguy48 and why he is abandoned..(This is my first creepypasta so go easy on me)