Day 1                                                                                                  To my surprise starboyred08 has been banned it was over finally forever the terror was gone until I got a email from his new account starboyred09 he sent a link to a game called YOU THOUGHT I WAS gone when I entered it showed a robloxian lying there dead I immediately left the game.                                   Day 2.                                                                                                 I got a message on roblox it said Why did you leave little boy it scared me so much he knew my age and everything I decided to tell my friend 08oli he didn't believe me.                                           Day 3.                                                                                                 Nothing much has happened today apart from the fact that I met user which met starboyred09 and had the same experiences we teamed up to try and  bust starboyred09.                                          Day 4 08oli finally believes in me as he got a message from starboyred09 it said you didn't believe in me and your little Friend well one day you will regret it suffer with olimstarboy (me) .           Day 5.                                                                                                

08oli  quit roblox due to the terror we have experienced I banned starboyred09 but he came back one day I will defeat him.             Day 6.                                                                                                 08oli came back to help me with this situation and another friend it was a tough time on roblox so I decided to tell the admins and they said they will tell me about starboyred09 for updates.             Day 7. Good old roblox gotta make it worth it first beating starboyred09 once and for all I went to play deathrun but everything glitched out thunder and lightning striked and I saw starboyred09 in my very own eyes.                                                   Day 8.                                                                                                 All the roblox admins died I decided to tell roblox but he knew this will happen so he was keeping a eye on starboyred09 and so am I.                                                                                                    Day 9. Roblox died I'm writing short posts now because if I don't starboyred09 will kill me.                                                                   Day 10. I finally busted starboyred09 forever he is never going to come back me and 08oli celebrated I still believe he's out there but something's best left forgotten. The end                              

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