Christmas break had just started. I was excited that I didn't have to go to school. I checked my roblox. I had gotten 1 new message. It said "HELLO USER...I'M STALKER...I FOUND YOU...I"M COMING TO GET YOU." At first I thought it was all a joke or prank. Until the next day. I woke up and was going to play roblox with my friend "Bosndjf" He looked exactly like stalker! I checked his profile status and it said "STALKER666 WAS HERE." I woke up the next day and got on roblox. I joined Mad Murderer and my character looked like stalker. I checked my profile status. It said "STALKER666 WAS HERE." I got another message. It was from stalker. I read "I TOLD YOU...I FOUND YOU."  And his user still remains...                                


(btw most of this is actually real!)

(I'm not joking!)


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