Playing ROBLOX, I am greeted with a player. She was fun and a good friend, and she knows anything Einstein does. We met at Starbucks, where we were both gonna raid. We saw each other raid trainees and baristas or whatever they are called. She was first to say 'Hello' to me. We later decided to skype and chat and do all those things. One day, we finally decided to meet in real life. We stood up all night watching on Netflix, and laughing and crying and screaming our heads off. Our only difference was that she was smart and I was stupid.

We were just walking by the street when we found a huge hole in the ground. She looked at it, strangely shocked. She said she knew what that hole was, and said that I wouldn't believe the story. The hole didn't have any signs or anything, so I decided to explore. My friend decided to leave for a while, and went off. I went in for absolutely no reason besides to explore and record for online purposes.

The hole was dark as hell, and the floor got softer and softer until it got so soft my feet sunk in. I have no idea what this was; maybe it was a new rock? So I recorded it and planned on sending it to scientists to explain because I had no idea what I was stepping on. I kept walking, and the deeper I went the more humid it is. It started smelling like dead rat. Maybe the place was a sewer, but it could also be not a sewer (just keep this in mind: i'm stupid). I had no idea how long I was walking for, so I decided to go and play games on the phone. While I was on the screen, I fell down 2 feet, and scratched my elbow. I looked around me and there was a sword. Oh my god I was so shocked when I saw that sword. It looked like something out of a movie. It was a huge sword, but large enough for me to carry. It had imprints of ancient things on it. I decided to steal it and keep it for myself. I kept walking, and more and more swords appeared all over the floor. It started to smell worse, and worse, until I couldn't take it anymore. From that time, I decided to cover my mouth and nose with my scarf. The floor was also getting more moist. Later on, the liquid on the floor became acidic, and stepping on it would ruin my shoes. I just kept going to see if there was any more loot, but I changed my mind fast and walked away slowly when I saw a whole human leg on the floor. I was standing there, then walked back in shock.

When I was on my way to the exit, I saw that the entrance was blocked by huge rocks. The rocks were strangely lighter than any rock in the cave or hole, and I had no idea how they got there. I broke the rocks with my sword, feeling so hardcore. I was so happy that I went in that cave.

Back at home, I decided to go on ROBLOX. I saw my friend was online again, and she refused to talk to me for a minute after finally talking. I told her everything that happened, and she said she was relieved I wasn't hurt. I didn't know what she meant, so I asked: what exactly was that hole? She responded:

"It is told that this city was a battleground of the gods in ancient times. Soldiers fought, and giants fell. Some say that giants still remain buried in the city, with their mouths on the ground silently screaming in agony."

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