Not to long ago i was playing "Assasin!" on roblox. I had just when a player friend requested me. I accepted the request and kept on playing. When I got bored of assasin I checked my messages. I had just recently gotten a message from the user in assasin. He asked me to join his game. I replied "Sure!" Once I was on the game page I looked at the description. waiting for PiePowersOfDoom08. I joined the game, Only to see the user standing there with a disturbing face
RobloxScreenShot12172016 140323117


. He was asking me random questions like:

Do you like bananas?

Dogs or Cats? What do you prefer?

Eventually, The questions got more disturbing:

Have you ever killed a person?

Can you help me murder a person I hate?

Do you like the taste of human flesh?

I looked around his place.

I saw a corpse on the ground. It looked like it was mauled. (sorry the picture wouldn't work) I quited the game after I saw that. My PC crashed and rebooted.

I was disturbed after I saw my roblox character's corpse with the user eating it as my backdrop.

After I switched it I never saw him again.