WARNING:If you find a game called "Smile" don't play it! And this just happened 10 minutes ago.

So I was messing with my alt acc on Roblox (TheDarkOne269) and someone called Smile sent me a message; TheDarkOne269, play this (I did'nt show you guys the link to keep you'r acc safe) So I played it. It was just a black room then I saw a face with no eyes, eyes were replaced with blood and the head was smiling when I got closer, it started to follow my actions some minutes later my computer crashed. When I got back to roblox my avatar was wearing nothing and was compelety black and I could'nt change it. I was scared but thank god that was my alt acc anyways guys and gals don't play that game for you'r acc's safety like I said, this happened 10 mins ago but I think its 14 now.

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