One day I was playing ROBLOX with my friends. Until I saw I had got 1 new message. So I opened it. It was from this user called smile. His avatar was completely black. And i couldn't seem to see his face. So anyway the PM said: Please play this game: (LINK HERE)

So I played it... I was inside a black box and I noticed something in the distance. I tryed to get a closer look then... BOOM! A picture of blood showed up on my computer screen. Not just on the ROBLOX window on the whole computer. But it soon disappeared. I went over to get a closer look and here's what it was. A head. It was white with no eyes just a smiley face.

As I moved around the head seem to follow me. Then thats when it happened. My computer crashed. After a while when i got my computer back on and running i logged into ROBLOX and my avatar looked exactly like his. And I couldn't change it.

Ever since then every game I went to I kept on seeing black shadows

(Heres Part 2)

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