SMILE (True ROBLOX Creepypasta o)-0

SMILE (True ROBLOX Creepypasta o)-0

This is the story//

One day I was playing ROBLOX with my friends. Until I saw I had 1 new message. So I opened it. It was from this user called PotatosAreTasty . His avatar was completely yellow. And i couldn't seem to see his face. So anyway the PM said: Please play this game: (LINK HERE)

So I played it... I was inside a potato bowl and I noticed something in the distance. I tried to get a closer look then... BOOM! A picture of bl NakedPotatoes showed up on my computer screen. Not just on the ROBLOX window on the whole computer. But it soon disappeared. I went over to get a closer look and here's what it was. A head. It was white with no eyes just a smiley face.

As I moved around the Potatovseem to follow me. Then that's when it happened. My computer crashed. After a while when i got my computer back on and running i logged into ROBLOX and my avatar looked exactly like his. And I couldn't change it.

Ever since then every game I went to I kept on eating potatoes

ummm did you know that roblox banned Potato users it is really creepy so I’m not the owner of this post here is some links

so if you don’t know what roblox is roblox is a online game that has over 15 million games you must have a roblox account to play.