It was one peaceful night. I decided to play some Roblox. A new message was there. It's title was "SLAUGHTER" It said "Hello, Your one of 5 victims of mine. Enjoy the ride!" I thought it was just a troll. It was sent by "grave1337" i checked out his account and found some weird things. His place was named "BLOODBATH" and the description was "We are watching you, robijay." It was weird because robijay was my account name but how did they know that i was coming? I freaked out for a second and pressed the play button. I was greeted with severed hands hanging in chains. Then i saw a real life video of someone cutting a person with a chainsaw. It was pretty gruesome. After that video another video popped up out of nowhere showing a person cutting people's fingers one by one with a sharp knife. After that a person popped up out of nowhere. He was all red. His name was "grave1337" He freezed me and i can't move at all. He forced my camera to watch this really disturbing video showing a saw murdering 10 robloxians which one looked like me and was last. I left the game and a notepad opened saying "You will regret that...." and my account got instantly deleted. I got my account back and grave1337 got deleted.

Part 2: The Return

I was playing some Mad Murder until i decided to look for creepy things. It was a very bad idea. I didn't find some so i returned to Mad Murder. Later while i was playing the game. I was the sheriff. Someone jailed me and it was grave13372. He got another account. He was the murderer. I shot him but i can't. So he killed me and he reset himself. He also kicked all of the players in the server except for me. He said "Looking for creepy things. Aren't you?" I replied "How did you know?" He replied to me "I know everything." He said "Ok. I will show you something creepy. Something gore." I said "NO, NEVER!" and the lights in my room turned off and i wanted to call the police but my phone wont work. My computer is still on and he said "Well i'll force you then." He froze me and forced me to watch a video again. All of it was creepy and gruesome. Then at the end i turned red. I can't change my avatar because the button wont work. I left the game and my desktop turned into a jumpscare with a really scary scream. I was freaking out and accidentally shut down the computer. I was scared and the lights turned on and my phone started working. I was relieved. And i didn't turn on my computer for months after that.

Part 3: Madness

3 months later. I decided to man up and turn on my computer. The jumpscare was gone. I was relieved. But he was still there. I opened up my roblox account. I checked my messages. There was a new one. It's title was "MADNESS" I opened it up and it said "Why are you inactive for so long? Is there something wrong?" It was sent by grave13372 I ignored it and started to play some new games. I played "The Normal Elevator" Someone named "helpme123" joined the game. He said "Master wants you...." I noticed that he is one of the victims that grave1337 took. Then once grave13372 joined the server. Everything turned red. And the screen was flashing. We were all creeped out. And i saw him taking and torturing the players one by one. The guests survive but the last one was me and i managed to leave before he could take me and control my account. I didn't shut down the PC. I continued playing some games. The next game was "RoCitizens" I was walking until everything turned red again and grave13372 returned. I said "Please, STOP! Why are you doing this?" He replied "..." and he scythed me. Once i respawned i spawned in a different place. It was all blood. I was freaked out and decided to leave. The next game was grave13372's new game. It was called "No Escape." It's description was "Help me....." Then i quickly realize whats going on. His account is being controlled. He was not the true killer. I didn't know who the true killer was. I decided to play "The Plaza" with my friends. It was a private server so grave13372 wont join. We figure out whats going on. And we need to solve this for greater good. I asked my friends if they know grave13372. They all said "We don't know who that guy is. Sorry." except for Christian. Christian didn't respond. All he said was "..." and wont respond to my question. I was thinking that Christian has something to hide from us about grave1337 and grave13372. I was right. He was the one who is being controlled. His second account was grave1337 and grave13372. He was being hacked or haunted by something we don't know. I explained it to my friends except for Christian. They all freaked out about it. I found the real killer's account. It was. INVALID. Yes. you know who it is. It was INVALID all along. You got to know the INVALID creepypasta. Right? If you don't then search it up and it will be there. I guess this story and the INVALID story was linked. We deleted his account. And the grave1337 and grave13372 account too. We told it to Christian and everything was back to normal.

Grave will return.......