Brief Introduction


Abandoned Myths is the most unique creepypasta you have seen. Instead of being attacked by evil, Max helps evil destroy lives. Hold on to your tushy, your gonna have one heck of a read!

April 9th, 2016 : Feeling of Oxygen


It's a great day to run around and just get some oxygen. I began to jog around my backyard until I puffed out. I went inside while my mother was cooking some Maxaroni and Cheese. She calls it that because that's my favorite dish. I licked my lips and headed to watch some television. Life is so easy, I watched some comedy and then switched to the news channel. I noticed this headline that caught my attention. " ONLINE HORROR STORY WILL BLOW YOUR MIND " I rested my eyes onto the screen and listened to the review of the horror story. It was about this ROBLOX game. ROBLOX ; that sounded familiar. I headed up to my bedroom and tapped the ON button for my computer. Once I was on the starting page, I wanted to make my username something horrific and creative. A name struck my mind. I typed " D347H1NM3 " as my username and filled up all the other details. The starting character looked sweet! I entered a game and everyone was tormenting me because of my character. A player named Fontier told them to stop making fun of me, they didn't. Fontier typed into chat " I guess I'll have to make you stop the hard way. " The players quickly left before any dangerous happened to them, but 2 players just kept making fun of me. Fontier's character snapped his fingers and the players went limp. He took out a blood stained katana and stabbed the characters until their organs coated the katana. I found this so interesting since I was the " Gross Kid " at school. He sent me a friend request and I accepted it. He chatted. " Go get some fresh air, I'll deal with the others. " This made me so hyped up. After about 30 minutes off running in my yard, I went to my computer. I was wondering when the Maxaroni and Cheese was ready. Fontier sent me a party request and OF COURSE I accepted it. " That was sick. " I chatted. " Thank you, it is nice to know people appreciate me defending them. " he replied. " Would you like to know what I've done to the others? " he chatted. " Oh yes, please. " I replied. " I feasted on their organs and drank their blood, roasting up their skin. " he said. " That is so damn sweet. " I replied. My mother called for me as I chatted to Fontier. " Gotta go eat, see ya. "