At 1:00 AM, I was surfing on Roblox for a horror game, I saw random, cliché horror games, such as Stop it, Slender, Murder Mystery 2 and whatnot, but I saw something new. I saw Shedlestky.exe. Being curious me, I played it. There was another playing that went by the username of "shedletsky123". I was kind of questioned by the user. He kept on following me, asked me to play with him. I kept ignoring him, until I was annoyed that I attempted to exit. I couldn't. Pressing the X button just opened this app called "Shedletsky.exe". I tried Alt+F4, the Task Manager, I even tried to shut it off. shedletsky123 said: Don't leave, play with me.

The computer crashed briefly, I saw my webcam turn on, and there was this noise, so out of curiosity, I investigated. It was the kitchen that made the noise. It was a pigsty. Plates all over the floor, the knife holder fell down, dishes broken, so I went back downstairs. The computer froze again, I saw myself, but the game was closed. "Thank God." I said. I saw a message. It was from shedletsky123. The subject said: "WLILKUFINCGIUYOLILK". Which scrambled to: "IWILLFUCKINGKILLYOU". I clicked it and it said: Why leave so soon? The party just started! There was a jumpscare that showed a picture of Shedletsky stabbed, mutilated, and torn limb from limb. I tried to close it, but it froze briefly and then it showed a creature behind me on my webcam. I looked behind me, only to see a little Shedletsky plush. I picked it up. It held a knife, and stabbed my arm. I ran out of the door in pain, started my car, and went to a hospital. As I recovered 3 days later, I went home, and played Roblox. I got another message from shedletsky123. The subject was gibberish, as I read "T2367y(68yu89234uoNI". I viewed it. It said: die. My house randomly set on fire. I took my iPhone, wallet, and my backpack. I woke my mom and dad up, and we ran, started the car, and drove away from our cursed house. The plush eerily stared at me with its red, glowing eyes. As my window was open, the plush said: SOON.

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