After the Shedletsky's Playhouse incident, everything was fine. "Not for long".

The Story

It is now February 14th, I went to play on some roblox. I wanted to play a obby game, my favorites, so I did. The sky, background thingy (whatever you want to call it) was all black and everything was red. There were no obstacles or anything. Just a never ending bridge. Then I saw a toy, then more, and more. Until they started to chase after me. I left the game. Since it was getting late I went to bed. Then in the middle of the night, I woke up and I found something that would haunt my dreams. It was a face, a smiling face. I think I heard it whisper something. It sounds like "I am Shedletsky, I want to play...". Then I blinked, it was gone and It was 8:32. I was late for school! On the walk to school, my friend (I was walking with my friend) told me he had similar experiences. After school I went on the roblox to find Shedletsky's Playhouse was there. I invited my friend to play on it with me and things were different. This time I saw a hanging corpse of my friend (not the friend I walked with) was there. And the room I was in had decals on the wall saying "Goodbye, nosna50". I was freaking out and I realized my other friend's corpse was hanging. It was only a matter of time before I C̵̵͡A҉̸Ǹ̡ ̛Y͡Ơ͢U̡͜ ̀҉͝S͜͢Ę̕͞É ̷̧͡M͢E̵ ̕̕͝I҉̨ ̕ĄM̨͘ S̢͘͠H̵̢͠E̡D̕͞LÈ͞T̴҉Ş̡K̶̴͟Y҉̸̕ ̸͏I͏ ̸Ẁ̴̛A͜NT̸͟ ҉̷T̡O̴̸̢ ̀͝P̸̛͝L͏̕͢A̷͘Y̶͡

p̸̨l̸̛̛e̢̛̛̕͢á̡s҉̴̢̡̀é҉ ̢͢͠h̷͞͏e̶̷l̨͠p̴̨̢͡͝


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