hi my names xxfnaffan1987xx and i love to play roblox its my favoret game of al time i play it with my friend called sonichedgheog192xx were chatting on steam about a game called shedletsky.exe this is the steam chat

Xxfnaflover1987xX: hey wassup bro

S0NIcHeDGEHOG192XX: hi dued

S0NIcHeDGEHOG192XX: want to play game on robloxx


Xxfnaflover1987xX: sounds god

Xxfnaflover1987xX: what about this game called shedletsky.exe

S0NIcHeDGEHOG192XX: omg that one dude

Xxfnaflover1987xX: someone said its a hack game

S0NIcHeDGEHOG192XX: my friendd

S0NIcHeDGEHOG192XX: supernsiper919191

S0NIcHeDGEHOG192XX: played it yestrrday

S0NIcHeDGEHOG192XX: and he never talkd tu me again

S0NIcHeDGEHOG192XX: do you think hes faking

S0NIcHeDGEHOG192XX: or is it real

Xxfnaflover1987xX: nah he is probably troll on alt

S0NIcHeDGEHOG192XX: okay let play

Xxfnaflover1987xX: lets go

after that we went to play it and the first thing we saw after we joined is a shedletsky npc that you can talk to by clicking the question mark on his head he said this "PLESE GO AWAE OR IL MURDR YO" me and my frend were scared after that and he was holding a knife not only that but he had black eyes and was crying blood, his shirt was covered in blood so was his knife and even scarerier the window said "you going die!" we tried to turn off our compoter but it wodnt work i told my frend "this is the end"

then a jumpscare popped up of shedletsky in real life with red glowing eyes and crying blood not only that but he was killed erik cassel with his knife erik was screaming almost like the animotrotics from fanf but then our screens went black and nothing apeard after 5 miotes which showed our robloxians decapitated with spears holding our heads me and my frend were crying we were on skype on our fones while playing

but then our compters restarted and another jumpscare poped up with a text saying "YOUR NEXT" me and my firned were prepared for what wil hapen next and we prayed for ourselfs it was then when our computers start up and a roblox game starst playing. the game was called "cemetary" the game teleported us to a grave yard with our robloxians names and picture on 2 tombstones in the backround was playing fnaf music when you run out of power and freddy looks out of ur door then shedletsky teleported near the tombstones his skin was completly black and he had red glowing eyes like the one on sale from the catalog not only that but he was holding the ban hammer he said in a very scary demonic voice "death is your release" it was then that our games closed and everything went back to normal but when we went to the roblox website our accounts have been terminated with the reason saying "REST IN PECE" me and my friend never played roblox again after that

btw sorry if my grammer is bad i am from german

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