Hi, It's me again Rat_Dog. I'm looking into servers now. Well um, Let's get started!

Phantom Forces

Yeah, you might wonder why this first. Well, I just think you need to know it. So, I looked around maps in the game and looked for small detail through the UI. In the end I did find something! So basically, There's a hidden button in the UI that keeps moving around constantly. If you're lucky enough to click the moving button, It teleports you to a satanic (idk if this is a cliche) version of the game. The Satanic version is just messed up, I don't really want to get into detail.

ROBLOX High School

I was looking closely into the game and did find a few things, NOT THOSE EASTER EGGS, something else. What I did see was people walking around with no nametag and are almost impossible to see, (transparency is 0.999) The 2nd thing I found was enforcer announcements being made by nobody (not sure if its a hacker) and I have seen people being sent to detention by nobody also. The last thing I've heard was weird sounds playing like random audios from the audio page. It changes every one minute and plays anything it randomly chooses.

Work At Pizza Place

I have noticed one thing in the game, Everybody in the server leaving at one moment, except me. I'm the only person on the server. It has happened to me around 3 times.

Lumber Tycoon 2

On a server with a friend, I saw the ALL the trees dissapear for half a second and come back, it has only happened once.


I have seen white figures walking through walls in-game a few times with no nametag, last time I saw one was on 7/28/16.

I WILL continue this on, just haven't found a lot of info yet, just stand by! I am also aware of cliches, I will try to replace them.

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