It was a perfect day. I logged in, and could see my account waiting for me patiently. Next, I casually logged into Murder Mystery 2. After playing for a while, I could see that someone named Wish_11 joined the game. In the chat, all I could see was, "Friend me. Please, I'm lonely, I have a horrible life. I just need one friend." I thought of him as some desperate pedophile who was looking for his next victim. He sent a friend request to everyone in the server, including me. I obviously declined, since I didn't want some creep in my friends list, nor did I want to leave the game to unfriend him if did accept. I'm guessing everyone declined, because this guy was furious. Keep in mind he joined the game 1 round earlier, and had about a 1 % of being murder. "I will kill you all." Wish murmured. The next round, I'm guessing you've already predicted this, he was killer. He viciously stabbed everyone, except me. I was hiding in the lab, and could hear him somewhere else on the other side. Suddenly, I turned around, and saw him standing behind me. His head titling, and a chilling smirk went across his face. In one blink, he vanished, so I decided this was just a glitch. Only seconds later, I was teleported, and also pinned, to some metal bar. In front of me was Wish, and he held the knife in front of me. It was splattered with blood. Around him were piles of dead bodies, having that horrid, disgusting animation. "I told you I suffered, but you were too selfish to realize. This is MY server, and ONLY mine. You are to die along with these morons. Goodbye, Jewel." Wish glitched in front of me, and everything went pitch black. When I spawned in the lobby, to my horror I discovered that everyone left, and I was the only one left. I didn't see him spawn, but somehow he ended up standing in front of me, holding that bloody, irksome knife. Wish_11 was a hacker, and a cruel one too. He deleted my account from the Roblox database, along with the other friendly, innocent players. He is after us all, and when you see him, leave right away, or, well, you might just die.

( This is partly true, as I did have a similar experience. Thank you for reading this creepypasta, and please leave a comment down below. <3. I wouldn't appreciate hate, so try to express your opinion in gentle words please. I only like positive vibes. Bye guys. ♥︎ )

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