I love to play ROBLOX, I am a very curious person. But what you are about to read, is true.

Searching Myself

I decided to search myself in games on ROBLOX, what I found was quite creepy. There were 3 games, Realms, 1337GUI Place and ITSTOOLATETOBEFORGIVEN. I thought, this is just some fake creepypasta that someone wants to scare me with. So, I went in the game, not noticing the description said my actual name. I ended up in a room with skulls and the spawn was an empty void. I decided to leave because this did not scare me a bit. But then my character changed into a person with an unreleased hat. I was black and had an unreleased skull hat. I did not like what happened, but then my group also got hacked. And my blurb and status was changed. They were all changed to the same message, "HELP ME WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME". I decided to tell my friends about it on Steam, but when I was talking with my friend, my username changed to another message. It said "DEAD" in Wingdings. My friend was freaking out and so was I. I decided to go on one of my favorite forums, V3rmillion. I went to the exploiting section for ROBLOX but it appeared as if there were no threads but one. It was made by a banned person. His name was DarkHeart, it said "YOU WON'T LIKE WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT", so I went off there and just turned off my computer. When I turned it on the next day, everything was back to normal and everybody started talking about it for some reason, when I went back to search up the game, It didn't show up. I finally found it after an hour when I thought of searching again, the game was [ Content Deleted ] and there was, for some reason, another visitor. 2 visitors then. In the comments was something very interesting, I never knew one of my friends played ROBLOX, my friend found the game and just said, "DON'T HACK MY FRIEND.". After, I got a message from the owner saying this, "I'm very sorry for what happened, It was a mistake.". And then it was finally actually all back to normal.