I was a helper for Super Bomb Survival. I would always be skillful at it too.

There was usually nothing to play, so I decided to play one of my favorites. Super Bomb Survival.

Super Bomb Survival

When I went to the page, everything was normal at first.

When I clicked the play button, there wasn't anybody in the server. It was just me. But somehow, I was still able to play.

Instead of bombs falling, nothing happened. I didn't even get in the playing box. I thought this was a glitch. I soon saw TylerMcBride. The creator. He wasn't on the player list though. He had no name tag or health bar. Just pitch black eyes, no rich hat, etc. I asked him what is going on, but then he started following me. When he got to me, my robloxian died. Instead of the ordinary falling parts and regenerating, it was the fact that my robloxian has just started bleeding. It had ROBLOX blood. I was waiting to respawn, but nothing happened. I started getting scared and decided to leave, but it wouldn't let me. I turned off my computer. It worked, but when I turned it on, I was at the page, which has only shown TylerMcBride with no rich hat, red and black, black eyes and that is all.

I messaged him about this, but he said that I am insane. I kept on trying to convince him that it was true, but he didn't believe me. He soon fired me from helping on the game because of my insanity.

I decided to never play that game again.

I have been followed for the rest of my roblox life.