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Have you ever been scammed? Sure you have, I know I have. That feeling when someone blackmails and lies to you, you want to grab their neck and strangle them. Her name was Dayshawn, I can't really remember the numbers. But, I had a Classic ROBLOX Fedora. Man, it was expensive. I had saved up weeks, months, years for that hat. Then, she blackmailed me. She said she wanted to show her brother my hat, boy was I gullible. When we traded, she never returned it to me.

So that's basically it, you get scammed and you whine. Although, sometimes revenge is a pleasant thing to do.

You wake up one morning, a red liquid oozing out of your blankets. You carefully try to clean the mess up, thinking the liquid was wine. The smell is daft, your body turns to your closet. You look outside, the sun isn't shining clearly and the skies are grey. Your closet opens, entrails hidden inside jackets and clothing. You look at your fist with the carving, "you" in your hand.

You stammer, your bed covers begin to move. The sky turns an orange tan, your hand is placed on a dead hand with rotting skin. A bucket of thick long hair is placed is placed under your bed, your computer has the tab Roblox on it. You quickly maneuver to it with greasy black blood still on your hands. Once you touch the keyboard, the blood splatters everywhere. You look at the recent scammers profile, hang on. Their description is a bit different. It used to be 70 sentences long with gibberish and nonsense. Now it just says the message "YOU" in all caps.

Your eyes stare at the screen, a little tapping is on your neck.

You are doubtful you listened to ever trusting the guy on Reddit, you start to sob and a hand grabs your neck and peels your skin slowly..

You wake up from that horrible nightmare, you check your closet, under your bed, and finally your computer. The scammers profile has the same old description, wearing your favourite hat or possessing your robux and tix.

And then you feel the slightest touch on your shoulder, you quiver in fright. Blood drips from your shoulder, and then.. It starts peeling your skin slowly saying the words, "you" repeatedly..

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