Once my brother was playing roblox. He saw a username called smilejpg666. He thought its just a username. But when he left the game his user had devilish horns. His tickets was 666. He didn't even care because he had more than before. But whose tickets where cursed. He lost all his friends including me. I tried to friend request him but it said error666smile. Then i saw robloxes account and it said smileroblox. I was creeped out. I got a message from roblox it said your brothers account is gone forever. I didn't care because he could make another account. Then smile faces came on all my friends. I was done playing roblox. The next time i played Everyone had smile in their username and a smile on their face. i decided to delete the roblox file. Every thing was fine it worked! BUT BEWARE OF SMILEJPG666

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