Hello, thank you for visiting this page which is about another wierd thing that happened to me while playing Roblox.

It all started a few months ago when i was thinking of making a game, i opened up the Roblox Studio, trying to make an Attack On Titan game. After i scripted all the missions, titans and characters i decided to open the game up. Just for you to know, the game was called: Attack On Titan: The Story Begins.

The game wasn't that popular, only having 130 players joining per day or so. I was joining the game everytime i opened the Roblox site seeing how many people enjoyed it. After a few days passed, i was getting bored by my creation and decided to make a new game. I was so stupid doing that.

Decided to make a Dragon Ball Z game this time, it took only a few hours to make the game in the Beta stage. When i joined the Dbz game tho, nothing bad happened, for a few minutes.... When the people just found out about it, the game started playing the Attack On Titan game theme but played backwards, with some disturbing images of Goku, Eren, Vegeta and Rod Reiss all of them being strangled to death. I still could see the chat and i saw people writing: HELP and IM SCARED and the last writing i ever saw was: KILL ME.

I was starting to get horrified (which is pretty rare for me to be scared of anything) beacause of that very distorted song and that images then all started to be normal (except for some static) most of the players who joined left the server and were never saw again on Roblox or any other site.

When i left the Dbz game, my computer screen turned purple for 5 minutes. I thinked it broke so i decided to use the old screen i had from my brother. When i turned the Roblox Studio on to see what the heck was going on, i only saw a purple baseplate. I was very angry for all of the work i put on that game so i decided to see what kind of script did i put in there?

After a few minutes of researching in the 2 scripts that were left, i saw a script named SADSDSA DSADJSKA DASDJK. When i removed it and remaked the game, i clicked on test to see if everything was normal. It was not. Well, kinda. After seeing that everything was normal, i saw that someone joined the test (which is not possible) and somewhat be able to chat. The player was named: SADSDSA DSADJSKA DASDJK and when i tried to encode and decode, this were my results:



Which is nothing special.

Back to what happened. The player said exactly the encoded and decoded name that he/she had. I saved the game and closed it as fast as i could. The last thing i remember seeing was the screen turning purple again but with a whisper: Hes here, hes here, hes here.

(This creepypasta is made by me credits to: I don't know)

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