So it has been a month ever since Rocketman has been gone i decided to bring my computer in to best buy a employee told me what was wrong with my computer i told him that my computer crashed he said it would take a few weeks to fix so later my computer was fixed i started my computer i was suprised that a texture of rocketman's hat was my background but i changed it so i setup my internet i decided to play Roblox again to see if my account was fine so i checked my inventory and found that rocketman's hat was in my inventory i clicked on the hat the description changed everyone who commented had there player color changed to black i decided to look at the popular pages nothing appeared up but rocketman i looked at the comments there was nothing there i decided to play the game but when i joined he wasnt there this time everytime i tried to leave it wouldn't let me my friend joined the game saying that "the people who joined the game got killed" i replied with why? he said that the website got hacked i looked at my account me and my friend were the only ones left on Roblox we wen't to the forum most of the posts were deleted the only ones remaining are the ones from the place creator called Rocketman i made a new thread called who's Rocketman but it got deleted though


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