Before You Read

This is a fake pasta like my pasta about YBE444. So enjoy :P


It's been several weeks since the YBE incident. Like in the "The Return of YBE" pasta, he was terminated and I don't have to contact with him again. Anyways, let's get to the point.

So I'm just looking at the comment section of Work At A Pizza Place to laugh at those fake robux sites. But then I stumble at one which caught my eye.

"Tassy1288: Go to (Site not real) to download your ROBUX generator today! If you don't, you will regret...."

The you will regret phase was nothing that a scamming bot would say. Like the stupid 10 year old kid I were, I went to the link. Incase if i got a virus, I opened up Malwarebytes too. Suprisingly, there was no "human verification" to do, so I downloaded it. When I launched it, I scanned with Malwarebytes, it shows up only some shitty adware. I removed them and decided to contunue with "robuxgen_v3.exe"

It was just like any other ROBUX generator: a 2011ish ROBLOX background, the logo written in the "Super Mario 256" typeface, and yes, the robux generator. There was no tickets option though, as they were removed like 3 months ago. So I typed in the ROBUX amount of 252363. It then generated it. I looked at my site and i was shocked to see 252363 ROBUX in the site. It was not inspect element, as i bought a hat with it. I went onto a shopping spree until I got 4 ROBUX left. I decided to generate some more, but it refused with an error message stating "You can't generate any more robux, hah!" I was abit pissed off reading that message, but still I got some cool stuff in my inventory. I decided to uninstall it from Control Panel, it doesnt show up any uninstall bar at all. I decided to go into its folder and deleted it there. It went to Recycle Bin like usual, so I perma-deleted it from Recycle Bin too. An error message popped up one milisecond after I deleted the file: "You will regret what you did". I was like "this was just a message to convince users to download the generator again, so idc".

I then proceeded to tune some cars with the David guy again, and someone with the name robuxgenv3 joined our team create. We were busy adjusting the tire friction so we didn't notice another guy was here. When I looked around, his team create orb was gone but his name on the invited list was still there. I then freaked out and told David to play his Talladega track. We then played it and the robuxgen guy kept on stalking us.

The last game we went to was "ROBLOX High School". I have the Enforcer's Powers gamepass, so he didnt really bother me until when I tried to suspend him from school, a dialog popped up in my character's head saying "No, you can't" in a very bad grammar style like it was MY grammar. I decided to log off and decided to do a Neutral route on Undertale since I true resetted my True Pacifist. Then after sparing Toriel, I logged onto ROBLOX again, only this time that the only friend of mine was the robuxgen guy. I think someone hacked me so I set my "Who can follow you to the game?" setting to "No one." incase if he stalks me. I decided to train my FPS skills at Phantom Forces, but he joined my server somehow. I was shocked to see he's a Rank 48 when he owned me. But he joined ROBLOX an hour ago, so he must've been playing a lot of CSGO lately.

Then my laptop decided to lag tremendously, like I was on a map that is the size of 3 Pacificos'. WAIT. Why didn't I use the unfriend tool to unfriend robuxgen? I used it, and successfully unfriended him. My laptop crashed, and then started up automatically. All my friends were back to normal, but somehow all my ROBUX was removed. That isn't a problem though, since I had BC.

This pasta will be continued soon, this is a WIP!

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