It was December 2, 2014. The comments were the same as usual. 99% spam. But there was one comment in particular that was interesting. A user called RobuxDotCom posted a "free robux generator" comment on Work at Pizza Place. People who were tricked into downloading the generator often experienced violent computer crashes, minor video distortion, feeling of dread, and low volume static.

When you go on the site, It is a wallpaper of Robux. But there was just a download button with no info text. The installation stage was extremely flawed and glitchy. If you even get to install the generator without having installation being corrupted, The program was nothing but a white background with a robux and tix amount drop down menu. People who got the robux got it. But when you try to buy something with that robux or tix, Your browser will crash. This user has been banned, but the comment is still deep beneath the Work at Pizza Place comment section.

Every user who got the generator never played Roblox again.