Roblox Studio. the building part of roblox, but its gone wrong already with the game. I found a site called ( i downloaded it and the file name was ROBLOXSTUDIO6789.EXE

It came with DO NOT READ ME and i kinda didn't follow the thing it said. the read me said IM SORRY, I was creeped out by the message. I opened up ROBLOXSTUDIO6789.EXE and it said WELCOME TO THE 6789 FILE... i felt like i was being watched so i looked out my window and i saw a man staring out of another window across the street but i didn't care .. he must have been looking at something else but not at me..then the thing so called "roblox studio" showed blood dripping from everywhere i couldn't help but to throw up there it wasnt even roblox studio. it was a roblox game..... i went to and searched roblox studio 6789 and i saw one game.. "test" made by 6789DEAD i couldn't help but to go to his profile and i saw.......what didn't need to be was the same man but dead..... outside the window in a thumbnail while that was one thumbnail... but i saw myself in one picture......if i dont update then......well i might be dead....

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