Warning. There may be some clichés and bad grammar ( I'm Czech) sorry about that.

Chapter 1 Party time!

I was playing roblox with my friends like everyday we were enjoying trolling people and making them mad. One day we trolled some person called ''Roblox fun'' There wasn't spaces we didn't care we trolled him and he left the game. We were typing to chat: ''Get fking rekt stupid cnt! Woooo!!!!!'' We were trolling him everyday but it started to be weird for us. One day after we trolled him again i said: ''Isn't this weird? We are trolling him everyday he is on the same server and he had space in his username.'' My friends said: ''We think it is weird too.'' So we just played some other games like natural disasters survival. Something happened 1 month later.

Chapter 2 Weird Things Begins

1 month after trolling we decided to make party and maybe see who is better in roblox. I invited my friends and they invited more people.At the end there was like 9 people We started to have fun and totally destroying our house, after that i said: ''Hey guys time to see who is best on roblox!'' Everyone was excited to beat everyone. I just found some obby. I had two computers so when it was obby there was race to the end. Later we wanted to see who is good in horror so we have found game called ''No exit :)'' It sounded creepy but i feeled something weird about that. Then i saw it, Creator was roblox fun. I tried to warn them but they clicked. I was scared even when he was just some hacker. Roblox fun was in game we saw character with username roblox fun. I was scared little bit. My friend said: ''Who is that?'' I said: ''Leave! Fucking leave!'' He tried it but it didn't work. We shuted down computer, i was so happy it worked. I said: ''Oh wait what's this on that second's computer screen? There was downloading file when it finished we opened it.

Chapter 3 It is here (COMING SOON)

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