Some of you may know that there is a ritual in Roblox that would grant you unlimited robux. But it is extremely dangerous, and extremely difficult.If you start this ritual, it's basically suicide. AND YOU WILL DIE IF YOU DO NOT DO A STEP CORRECTLY.

What you need

  • 5 candles
  • 3 pieces of paper
  • 20 robux
  • Lighter

How to abort ritual

Say the following thing: I want to do the ritual no more, And close the browser.

How to do the ritual

  1. Place the candles right next to the computer.
  2. Light the candles.
  3. Place three pieces of paper over the 5 candles
  4. After all of the paper is reduced to ashes, blow out the fire.

Go on these following games in the following amount of time.

  1. Work at pizza place for 6 minutes
  2. Adopt and Raise a Cute Child for 30 seconds.
  3. Apocalypse Rising for 3 minutes

Spend twenty robux on a tips gamepass on any game

Note: Before going on the next step, Do not do the following things

  1. Do not go on forums.
  2. Do not go on any games.
  3. Do not touch the candles.

Ready? Okay here is the 8th step.

  1. Go on your profile, but DON'T LOOK.
  2. Try to click on avatar, but I repeat, DON'T LOOK.
  3. Try to click on Robux, but, well you know, DON'T LOOK.
  4. Once you click on robux, Click on Messages. You can now look.
  5. Read the message that is titled qwerty.
  6. Click the link. BUT DO NOT LOOK.
  7. Try to click robux again.
  8. You can now look. You can see on robux page, you can see the amount of robux you have has an infinity sign.
  9. This means you have unlimited robux. Now, go to sleep for 30+ minutes otherwise you will be surely banned on roblox.

Now, have fun with your Robux.

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