As all of the Roblox die-hard fans know, Roblox Mobile was released recently after Roblox for PC was released. But then, there were a few dark secrets only me and my friends know about Roblox Mobile......

It was the 12th of April 2013. That was the exact year I started playing Roblox Mobile (I didn't play Roblox PC during 2013). I still remember my 2013 avatar: A grey torso, whitish arms, a whitish right leg and a sand-blue left leg. That was my current outfit till I found out that I could change my avatar's colour and buy shirts and pants (You can go check my oldest Roblox profile, it's called CaptainXenon).

One day, like any normal day during 2013, I logged in my profile and wanted to play Cart Ride Into a Penguin. But, right after I pressed the "Play" button, instead of loading the game, this message popped out.

Your current platform is not supported.

After seeing this message, I felt something strange was going on. Roblox Mobile was already released and I was playing on it, so it's impossible that the platform isn't supported. I called my friends after that, and one of them said that the same situation happened to them too.

The next day, I invited my friends to my house for a hangover. During the day before the hangover, my dad fixed a old, laggy laptop and let me use it. I booted it up,and it worked fine. Just when I was waiting for Roblox to load on my laptop(because it's old and laggy), I played Roblox Mobile first on an iPad 2. But then, the unexpected message happened again:

Your current platform is not supported.

At that time Roblox on my laptop has loaded, so I logged in my profile (CaptainXenon), and the same message also appeared:

Your current platform is not supported.

Now I was freaking out. I asked my friends to see this, and they said it couldn't have happened. After I returned to my profile, this message appeared:

The item you requested does not exist.

Now I was really freaking out. I tried to close the page, but it didn't work at all. I tried to shut down my laptop, but my screen froze (which means I totally couldn't do anything.) I tried asking my friend to fix it(cos' he's a computer genius), but it still wouldn't budge. I couldn't call my dad to help me fix it, because my parents left me at home to go shopping when my friends reached my house.

Suddenly, my laptop worked again,but strangely, Roblox automatically took me to a game called: Your current platform is not supported. Me and my friends looked at the screen, and there was my Roblox character, standing on a baseplate which seems strange, but the baseplate's supported by four poles. One of the poles fell down, and my Roblox character fell down, but quickly stood up again. Another two poles fell down, and my Roblox character was left standing on the cornered area of the baseplate, which the fourth pole was standing. Suddenly, the fourth pole started to topple. My Roblox character wondered aimlessly as I controlled it because I didn't know what to do. Then, my Roblox Character fell down from the baseplate and my laptop shut down. So I had to reopen it. But the funny thing is when I reopened it, instead of the "Roblox" Text appearing below the "R" logo, this appeared:


After that incident, I quit Roblox for some time and opened a new profile called Kloyyx which has a lot of Robux, but I forgot the password to it and I did not add my email to the profile, so I had to open a new profile again called KenRaxxz and I have been using since until now.