Okay Time for round 2.


I woke up one morning only to find myself eager to jump out of bed and play ROBLOX all day. Now I tell you this. I wouldn't normally act like this. I was kind of a sloth. But today I jumped out of bed to my computer. I Turned my computer on, along with my monitor, but when my computer booted to the home screen, something looked wrong.

My computer has been on and they have changed everything. Thinking it was nothing as I was young back then. And A LOT Of time on my hands, I'd usually find stuff that I have never seen before. Booting up ROBLOX I've decided to play a game called "Work At a Pizza Place".

I Clicked play only to find myself instantly getting kicked with the red box at the top saying "R0bLox HaS Craxshed" The grammar was.. odd knowing the ROBLOX staff would be smart enough to spell "ROBLOX Has Crashed" Properly, Once again thought it was a bug.

Well that's all i have for now.

Hopefully in a few days something else will happen.