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Welcome to the ROBLOX Creepypasta Wiki!

There are currently some administrative issues, but feel free to make your own horror stories related to ROBLOX! This site was created due to the main creepypasta wiki not accepting stories that are ROBLOX-related.

Point of notice

This wiki isn't officially moving, anything that's a huge decision like that is only up to me, the original creator, not an admin. If you think this wiki will move you are sadly mistaken, DaisyPeachPower may be relieved from her duties.

The ROBLOX Creepypasta Administrative Group

Here is a list of all admins and mods as of now:

Former admins:

  • DaisyPeachPower

If you really want to help this wiki, please leave a message on my wall or DarkSwarm's wall. Thanks for reading.

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