Roblox like many games has bugs, but some bugs are more than meets the eye sometimes it isn't a bug at all it might be a greatly hidden hack in roblox's code. I found this out one day in 2009 when I was going through games.

Day one

It was a peaceful day in 2009 No School, No Homework Everything was okay! I slept for a couple of hours then I decided to get up and play some roblox so I got out of bed and went on roblox and looked for a game to play. I found a game called "Fun-Town!" By JackTheGuy I clicked on it and seen that the description was in morse code ".. - .----. ... / ..-. ..- -. / . .--. .. -.-. .-. -... .-.. -..- --. .- -- . .-." Luckily I found a translator online it wrote "It is fun EpicRBLXGamer" EpicRBLXGamer is my roblox name! How did Jack Know? I'm still confused! I played and saw a rollercoaster and I thought "This isn't so bad" I walked towards the rollercoaster then I died. I died in-game and didn't respawn It was dinner-time so I left the computer on waiting to respawn to eat after that but the game crashed and closed the window I just noticed the Created Date Was 21/12/16. What the fuck? How was the game made in 21st December 2016? I'll find out tomorrow.

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