Error 666 ~

One casual day I was playing Roblox, Hurricane Simulator. This was one of my favorite games because it was so deliriously realistic and kept everyone aware. I decided to be a storm chaser and get infused with with the mysterious storm chaser basement, plus the extra controls which I loved. All of a sudden, Hurricane Berth struck and was getting much stronger. Right when it hit category 5, everyone left. And there were a maximum of maybe 40-55 people. This freaked me out, and I decided to check the chart which said who was there. It said only three people were there. GamerGirl220 Madeline334180173 Minion666

This part will be a log:

GamerGirl220 : "Hey maddie do you mind if I borrow your vehicle?"

Madeline334180173: "Sure! Let's go to Rockville, this place looks sketchy. Also there's that weird guy in a black mask staring at us from the window. Do you see him?"

GamerGirl220: "I think I see him. Let's go u r right :(


GamerGirl220: "MADELINE?"

Madeline334180173: "HELP ME"

Minion666: "This is your first and LAST warning. Leave now, this server must be forgotten and donated to the ###### corporation. Leave or VANISH"

I was hiding in a house, just reading the chat, terrified. I wanted to see what would happen.

Minion666: "I have already taken your friend Madeline. Leave now, or I'll take you too."

I peeped outside the window, just seeing GamerGirl in front of the masked character. Behind him was a demolished car, blurred with blood. Inside, I could only make up of what was Madeline. She was wobbling like a dead body in Murder Mystery 2.


Minion666: " Fine. Kick Madeline334180173."

Suddenly Madeline was out of the server. There was GamerGirl. She looked lonely, but I was too of a wimp to come out.

Minion666: " Any last words GamerGirl? We'll make sure to put it on our Roblox death chart!"

GamerGirl220: " One last request. Please tell my Roblox friends that I'm okay. Also, change my outfit into a black dress before you delete me."

Minion666: " Okay."

GamerGirl took a few turns and respawned in the same place with a black dress, carefully topped with a beige veil.

GamerGirl220: " Goodbye Roblox."

Suddenly, GamerGirl was no longer there. She was stuffed in that bloody car. I could see her name tag was gone. The minion of some corporation wrote something in the chat, and the car was thrown off the world. The body blasted up, landing in a horrid position in the middle of a square drawn with black chalk. There were waxed candles lit by a red, furious fire.

Minion666: " Goodbye GamerGirl."

Last, I could see him walking towards the hut I was in. When he was in front of me, he just said,

" Goodbye David. I'll make sure you disappear without any further requests and no last words. YOU COULD'VE LEFT YOU IDIOT."

Suddenly my screen turned complete black, and the top red layer said "Error 666. You have been deleted."

Then it exited out, and Roblox was no longer there. When I tried to search it up, it didn't work. No results found. This was the last thing I remember about my last experience playing Roblox. I truly miss it, and this proves that Roblox's story goes way deeper.

The End ( No hate please. )

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