Not done yet! ~20DollarPeanut

Legend (because this story is chat-based):

dinosaurhats (Me)

Joehead78 (Joe)

pufferFish (Alex)

TheMiner (Sam)

vincentgrant (Vincent)


(dinosaurhats went Online)

dinosaurhats: hello guys

(TheMiner went Online)

TheMiner: sup guys

TheMiner: wheres everybody else

dinosaurhats: idk

(Joehead78 went Online)

TheMiner: eyyyy

Joehead78: am i late

dinosaurhats: nope

(pufferFish went Online)

(vincentgrant went Online)

pufferFish: howdy guys from my home

vincentgrant: hello fellow swamp friends

TheMiner: what are you doing in my swamp lmao

(dinosaurhats is choosing a Game)

Joehead78: ohhh boy

Joehead78: i talked with dino and agreed that we should play in a random _______'s place

TheMiner: hahah

pufferFish: yeehaw

vincentgrant: oh boy

dinosaurhats: lets do this

(dinosaurhats has chose: untitled's Place)

dinosaurhats: ready?

Joehead78: lets do this guys

TheMiner: woooo

In-Game Chat (The Visit):

vincentgrant: where are we?

dinosaurhats: well, i can see a house from afar! lets go there

TheMiner: seems like a good place to go exploring

untitled: welcome! to my place

pufferFish: woah the creator's online

Joehead78: nice place here, untitled

TheMiner: i actually agree

pufferFish: this place looks awesome

untitled: thanks guys!

pufferFish: brb going to get a snack

vincentgrant: okay

vincentgrant: lets look at your house for a while, untitled

untitled: sure!

In-Game Chat

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