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This is Dompan72 here, this is my first RC so I appreciate support, starting now.

"It was a long night, I was playing roblox on my computer, I had just gotten my daily 10 tickets and went to buy something, I wanted to buy a shirt, but I said: "Dang nabit roblox's price floor.." "I went to the game sections and looked in the horror section: There was this the game called "Room", it had 6102 players. I went to play it, some players were with me, I was glad to have a friend along with me, I friended them and they accepted it, inside the game was a empty room.. Nothing so special about it. I hovered my arrow at the block infront of me. I clicked and it opened up. Then everything went black and my friend had dissappeared from the game. My vision turned normal until I saw red eyes... That's when I decided to quit. (Here goes the "I can't quit this game" in creepypastas virutally cliche) But when I pressed the leave button, it didn't do anything.. (More coming soon, I am tired.)

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