Don't you hate it when you play tycoons, and people kill you with these weapons that can be bought by collecting money made by your droppers? Seriously, that is so obnoxious. When you start out, fully upgraded peasants can gang up on you and obliterate you in an instant.

They just get in the way of all your money making, and eventually make you quit the server. I wonder why people actually make tycoons with weapons. Ranging from lots of different weapons, you can get burnt by a fireball, get swallowed up by a barrier of air, or rocket launchers. It depends on the game you're playing. And sometimes, you get this feeling to kill this person by upgrading a lot, for he has been abducting you for the past few minutes. But, do you get another feeling to kill him in real life?

To stop him from annoying you for eternity?

That was what lingered in the mind of CakeBacon89 (CB89). CB89 was a naive 16 year old who played Roblox. You know, that game which mixes Lego with a side of Minecraft into it. Anyways, he played a tycoon called "The Four Elements Tycoon". You probably heard of that, right? You make droppers that drop a box which its colour corresponds to the element you chose.

When CB89 joined the server, his element was Fire. Beside him, was the element of Air, in front was the element of Water, and the other corner was Earth. He stood on a button labelled "Begin Working! 0$". A red dropper appeared. It released a small crate with some kind of blur effect on the corners. It was headed for a fiery pit using a treadmill. When it landed, it game him 5$. He started to get more cash by using more droppers and even upgraders.

The water element saw him, and went up to his base, hiding a sword in his inventory. CB89 saw him as no threat, at least that was what he thought. The player raised the blade and prepared to strike. He slashed CB89, and his body parts went sailing across his base.

He respawned in his infrastructure with a temporary shield. He saw the player and raised his sword to also attack. He won the battle.

CB89 then proceeded to continue his work, when Air came. The Air player used a secret weapon, causing a air barrier which I explained in the second paragraph. He then spawned mini tornadoes that glided through every direction. CB89 was sucked up by these attacks.

Earth came along and spawned a tall pillar of vines. He threw rocks at CB89, and he tried to dodge them, but to no avail. Fortunately, he bought new wall upgrades, and also an 'Owners Only' door, which means only CB89 can pass through.

Yet, even with this door, some of the weapons of Air, Earth and Water can still pass through walls. They showed Fire no mercy, and started a wave of offence. Then, they started to have a PvP war.

CB89 was really tired of this, and reported to the Roblox team about this. Unfortunately, they thought it was a joke, and temporarily made CB89 lose his control of the account. This made CB89 fuel with anger. He then started to search up these imbeciles to see where they live.

One of them had his real name as his username, and so he searched him on social media, and found a picture of him in his house. He realized that was the same house his bus always passes by. He had to be ready. He then sneaked into his kitchen and get a large knife, and he even got a dozen of eggs and rocks. He placed all of them in one backpack. At 12:02pm, he secretly went out of his house, onto the streets, and on the next few blocks, he would eventually get his revenge.

He saw him on his bedroom window, playing a game which he recognized as the same tycoon he played earlier. He liked playing late in the night. Using the eggs and rocks, he broke his window. This got the attention of him, and so he looked down to see him with his backpack, with the moonlight brightening him.

"What are you doing?!" he yelled. He was pretty much scared. "Who are you?" CB89 threw another egg, which hit him in the forehead. He found a ladder at the back of his house, and brought it up to his window to break in. He leaped through the window carefully, not to make a sound. He saw his body scrawled on the floor, trying to recover from the egg. He brought out his knife, and whispered:

"Let's see how you like it." He slashed his neck, and his limbs and even his heart. Blood splattered across the room. To summarize it, he died. To CB89's right, was his computer set. He jumped onto the chair and saw what he was doing. He was about to kill a guest in the middle of his cash making. He struck the computer blow after blow with his bloody knife. Smoke came from the computer. The keyboard and mouse were a mess. The monitor was cracked.

"Look's like you're not going to terrorize me any more."


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