After playing lots of different games by lots of different creators, I've decided to make one by my own. Using Roblox Studio, of course! It was a program that helped me to create my games and share it with everyone, even my friends! Well, after what happened, I really think that I should stray away.

I was making a house in the program. Setting up chairs, desks and even a flatscreen TV. Bookshelves were in order and not a mess was anywhere. My bedroom in the house was also tidy. What I think was missing was a front door. I searched 'door' in the toolbox, and found only one result. It was titled, "Door - Wooden" and it looked pretty innocent to me. I was very wrong, of course.

I placed it in to the map, and then the studio crashed. I booted it up again, and saw that my entire house was gone, except for the door I placed. It stood there, with its wood texture. I entered the game to see if the gameplay changed. Walking around, jumping high and just moving my Robloxian. Well, nothing happened, at least.

When I got nearer to the door, the sounds liked to stop and turn to static. My screen would go black briefly and muffled screaming is mixed with it. The door drooled blood also, but it would disappear when I back away. I then tried to remove the door but to no avail. With my curiosity, I started to go near, avoiding the terrible sounds and stuff on the screen.

I entered it, and it teleported me into a YouTube video. It starts off as a guy making his own game in the exact program I used, then things started to get weird. He would start placing random boxes around the area and use Snipping Tool to get a picture of them. I then realized a door appeared out of nowhere. It was the same door I went through.

He hesitated, and went in. That was when the video abruptly ended. My computer crashed, and wouldn't start up again. Was his soul still in the door, and waiting for more people to experience his fate? I don't really know.

The guy's name was "Yeydragons89" and he was apparently part of a group before being kicked out because of false information about a certain topic. He became insane and started to e-mail them pictures that made no sense, like a floating crate and a broken avatar. His last appearance was in his room, playing the game. When they checked the laptop he used, it was gone.

I guess he wanted to back into the group.

20DollarPeanut (wow this pasta is bad)

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